The Hans Christensen Sterling Silversmith's Award
A Lifetime Achievement Award



Hans Christensen as a professor at RIT

The Award

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The award is named after the late Hans Christensen, silversmith at Georg Jensen Silversmithy in Denmark, and Professor of Silversmithing at Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York. The annual award will honor those individuals who have made significant contributions to the field.

These full-size, engraved sterling hammers are patterned after a 50th birthday present given to Hans in 1974 by his students. Hans's initials are on one side of the base, and the recipients initials on the other. The annual winner also receives a certificate and his or her work and biography immortalized on this Web site.


    Jon Parry, David Pimentel, Tom Sandretto

Cast sterling hammer, black walnut handle, maple hammer head wedges
  (representing the flag of Denmark), and assembly

    Tom Sandretto

Hand sawed sterling letters (Hans's initials are on one side of the base, and the recipient's initials on the other)

    Jill Kenik

Back walnut base and sterling hammer supports

    David Pimentel


    Byron Whitehurst (donated)

Who Can Nominate?

    Anyone visiting this site.

The Silversmith Being Nominated

    Will have produced a large volume of work, demonstrating exceptional design and craftsmanship;
    Must be living;
    Must be a United States citizen;
    Must have a minimum of 25 years of professional experience;
    Can be an academic, self-employed, or working in the industry;
    Can be a SAS member or non-member.

The 2007 Selection Committee

    • Jeffrey Herman, Founder & Executive Director of SAS
    • Thomas Sandretto, Supporting Member of SAS and originator of the Christensen Award

The Selection Process

The selection committee will review all nominations and, at its discretion, select the award recipient.

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