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The Creative Process


© Sue Amendolara: "Eye of the Storm"
The object pictured includes metalsmithing nomenclature found defined in the Glossary.

Sue Amendolara's "Eye of the Storm" vessel, created in 2010, is 2.5" x 3.75" x 3.5" and made of sterling, Plexiglas, 24k gold foil. Sue states: "It is based on the form of a hurricane and the idea of keeping life's balance and maintaining clarity amidst the surrounding storm.  It is created with 16 and 18 gauge sheet metal using traditional fabrication techniques. A cone-shaped form lifts from the center allowing it to be carried as a worry stone. The small cone has a Plexiglas dome on the top magnifying a gold surface. The Plexiglas was carved and polished and the gold was fused to the surface of sterling silver using the keum-boo process."

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