Late-Breaking News (1997)


October 27, 1997: Coming Soon: How Was it Created?
Have you ever wondered how handwrought silver is created? Well, soon we will have a new feature on the SAS site: How Was it Created? Images and detailed descriptions will guide you through the crafting of various flatware and holloware objects.

October 22, 1997: Herman Glendenning Dies
Herman W. Glendenning, a native of Gardner Massachusetts, died Thursday, September 18, 1997. He was 91 years old. Born May 5, 1906, Herman learned silversmithing under the late Arts & Crafts silversmith Arthur J. Stone in Gardner. By 1933, he'd earned his Master Craftsman title in both flatware and holloware.

September 23, 1997: Solve Hallqvist Retrospective Announced
The Cleveland Institute of Art and Potter and Mellen, Inc. invite you to a special preview reception to The Solve Hallqvist Retrospective (please see April 24, 1996: Solve Hallqvist Dies). The retrospective is being held at the Potter and Mellen Showroom at 10405 Carnegie Ave., Cleveland, OH 44106. The opening reception is on Thursday, October 16, 1997, from 5-8:00pm. The show is open to the general public from October 17th-31st. Please R.S.V.P. the Cleveland Institute of Art by October 10th: 216/421-7415.

July 25, 1997: New Addition to the Marketplace
SAS welcomes Restoration & Conservation Products to the Marketplace. They offer a full line of restoration & conservation products including Renaissance Wax, Pre-Lim, Groomstick, Museum Wax, Buff-Stick, etc. They also give SAS members a 15% discount on their entire line!

July 25, 1997: The Myths of Silver Care
Are you afraid of collecting silver? Misconceptions abound over the care of silver. This article by SAS executive director Jeffrey Herman, illustrates just how easy silver is to maintain, and dispel any misleading information you may have heard "through the grapevine."

July 19, 1997: Jim Wallace Elected to the American Craft Council College of Fellows
James A. Wallace, Director of the National Ornamental Metal Museum since 1978, will be inducted into the College of Fellows of the American Craft Council on October 25, 1997. The ceremony will take place in St. Louis, Missouri.

The College of Fellows was established in 1975. The first seventeen members were selected by the ACC Board and staff. Since that time, Fellows have nominated and elected all new members. Their names are synonymous with inspired, often groundbreaking achievements in craft. Leadership in one's field, the fact of having worked professionally for at least twenty-five years, and the demonstration of outstanding ability are the criteria for election.

Wallace has received numerous awards, both for his own work as an artist-blacksmith, and for service to the field as Director of the Metal Museum. Among these are individual fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Tennessee Arts Commission and the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation. He was the youngest person ever to receive the Alex Bealer Award for Lifetime Achievement presented by the Artist Blacksmiths' Association of North America (ABANA). He is also a recipient of the Julius Blum Award, given for contributions to the metals industry by the National Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metals Association (NOMMA).

June 3, 1997: Hoover & Strong Joins our Growing Number of Discounters
Hoover & Strong (suppliers of Hoover & Strong and Stern/Leach silver), is our newest supplier of quality fabricated silver products. They offer SAS members one price break better than the quantity ordered on sterling, fine silver, and reticulation silver (80/20) sheet, wire, casting grain, and solder. Contact them at 10700 Trade Rd., Richmond, VA 23236, 800/759-9997, 804/794-3700, Fax: 800/616-9997.

May, 29 1997: Photo Tips for Metalsmiths
Cynthia Eid gives instruction for photographing reflective objects. Go to Photo Tips for Metalsmiths for the latest techniques.

April 22, 1997: Long Distance Calling Discounts for SAS Members
OneStar Long Distance, Inc. just came on-board as our provider for discount long distance service. They offer special flat rate association pricing on long distance and 1-800 numbers. 25-60% less than AT&T, Sprint, & MCI. Low international rates, six second billing, no minimums or surcharges, 24 hour customer service, & comprehensive billing. To find out just how great these rates are, contact Cynthia Danella-Ricci, our communications consultant at OneStar, 200 Foxboro Blvd., Suite 100, Foxboro, MA 02035, 800/950-4357, 508/698-2700, Fax: 508/698-2688.

April 17, 1997: Chrysler Museum of Art - Final Stop for Judaica Today
The seventh and final stop for Artisans in Silver: Judaica Today, will be the Chrysler, and will run from December 19, 1998 - March 7, 1999. For the entire schedule and object list, go to the Silver Events page.

April 10, 1997: What, Another Benefit for SAS Members?
A.M. Schaler joins The Danish Silversmith in supplying us with outstanding precious and non-precious casting services. Schaler offers 15% off all labor and materials (excluding metal cost). A.M. Schaler, Inc., 9 Industrial Rd., Cranston, RI 02920, 401/943-2810, Fax: 401/946-2810.

March 25, 1997: Metal Museum Receives Major Gift
The National Ornamental Metal Museum announces the acquisition of seven major works by silversmith John Marshall. Commissioned by the late Patrick Lannan and executed in sterling between 1976 and 1983, the six sculptures and massive punch bowl with ladles were last exhibited when the Museum hosted a retrospective of Marshall's work in 1991. At the time, they were on loan from the Los Angeles based Lannon Foundation. This month they became part of the Museum's Permanent collection as a gift. The Foundation recently decided to deaccession its two and three dimensional works and focus on grant making. As the only museum in the United States dedicated exclusively to the collection, exhibition, and preservation of fine metalwork, the national Ornamental Metal Museum was selected by Lannan officials as an appropriate permanent home for the Marshall sculptures.

John Marshall heads the art department at the University of Washington in Seattle where he has taught since 1970. He is a founding member of the Society of North American Goldsmiths, an Artisan member of the Society of American Silversmiths and a member of the College of Fellows in Metal at the American Craft Council. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Cleveland Institute of Arts and a Masters from Syracuse University.

During his distinguished career, Marshall has exhibited widely in the United States and abroad. Commissions have been central to his productivity. Marshall prefers not to be associated with galleries because he enjoys dealing directly with the people who will own his work. Patrick Lannan was one of his most important patrons. The sculptures he commissioned were on a scale so large that Marshall began to employ hydraulics to manipulate the six foot sterling silver sheets from which they there made! Glacier, the largest of the series, measures 3' x 4' x 5'.

The newly acquired Marshalls will be showcased in Selections from the Permanent Collection, an exhibit which will open on April 27 and remain on view in all galleries through July 6. For more information, contact Judy Wallace or Lisa Loehmann at the Museum, 374 Metal Museum Dr., Memphis, TN 38106, 901/774-6380, Fax: 901/774-6382.

March 8, 1997: Take the Precious Metals Test!
Think you're knowledgeable in silver trivia? Go to the Precious Metals Test page and find out just how smart you are!

March 3, 1997: New Benefit for all Members!
David L. Smith Photography offers SAS members a discount on his studio rates, and will accept work that is shipped in then sent back to the client or forwarded to an exhibition. Price list available. David L. Smith Photography, 420 Gold Way, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, 412/687-7500

January 30, 1997: New Benefit for all Members!
Dean Powell Photography offers SAS members 20% off his studio rates, and will accept work that is shipped in then sent back to the client or forwarded to an exhibition. Dean Powell Photography, 217 California St., Newton, MA 02158, 617/969-6813, Fax: 617/969-7381.

January 22, 1997: Silversmithing Workshop Available for Museum
Solve Hallqvist died in 1996 (see April 24, 1996 posting below). His wife is maintaining his relatively small studio in its entirety. The tools are of the highest quality (many are handmade), are immaculate, and can certainly be used to educate the public. If you know of a museum or institution (no schools please) that may be interested, please contact Jeffrey Herman, executive director at SAS immediately (401/461-3156). This is certainly an unusual and very rare offering.

January 10, 1997: New Benefit for all Members!
Cutlery Specialties is our latest discounter. They are the U.S. agents for Renaissance wax/polish, Pre-Lim metal surface cleaner, Vulpex soap, Renaissance metal decorroder, Groomstick archival small surface cleaner, and other restoration, conservation, & preservation products. 15% off all products. Contact them at: 22 Morris Ln., Great Neck, NY 11024, 516/829-5899, Fax: 516/773-8076,

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