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Change is Good

This quarterly newsletter harbingers a change in format and content. SASnews will continue to bring you updated information on our exhibition schedule, other silver shows around the country, technical ShopTalk articles, exciting discoveries, Artisan happenings, supplier news, and what's new on our Web site. As an SAS member, you will also receive a fifth and more substantial end-of-year American Silversmith newsletter. The annual newsletter will contain articles on silver history, restoration and conservation, as well as technical articles, but with many more illustrations of contemporary silver than you have been seeing in the quarterly. In fact, you'll see more pieces in this annual issue than all four previous issues combined! Published at the end of the year, it will also come at a time when you're rocking by the fireplace, sipping hot cocoa, and looking for an engaging read.

No, were not paring down; we're providing information in a more efficient and timely manner and adding a fifth newsletter. Yes, change can be very good!

Artisan Happenings

Cynthia Eid's Undulations: Hammered Metalworks solo exhibition ran from March 28–May 4 at the Decordova Museum School Gallery in Lincoln, Massachusetts. The 52 pieces in the show were complemented by drawings of some of the work displayed and photographs of Cindy working at her bench, with descriptions of the various processes illustrated.

Ronald Hayes Pearson, a metalsmith for nearly 50 years whose many honors include the 1996 Gold Medal Award from the American Craft Council, died August 25, 1996, at his home in Deer Isle, Maine. He was 71.

His work is included in major collections at the Smithsonian Institution, the American Craft Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, and many other noted institutions. Governor King of Maine recently nominated Pearson for the National Treasure Award, administered by the University of North Carolina. He was one of five finalists for that honor. Although best known for his jewelry, Pearson made significant contributions to the areas of sculpture, industrial design, teaching, and to organizations that support craft. Chief among such organizations was Deer Isle's Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, where he taught and served on the board of trustees for many years.

Pearson studied at the University of Wisconsin and the School for American Craftsmen at Alfred University. For many years, he lived in Rochester, New York, where he and three other craft artists opened Shop One, the first artist-owned craft gallery in the country. He moved to Deer Isle in 1971.

In 1987, he received an honorary doctorate from the Portland School of Art (now the Maine College of Art).

Donations may be made to the Ronald Hayes Pearson Scholarship Fund at Haystack for metals students. For information, call 207/348-2306.

Welcome to our New Artisans

Sherri Eo of Greenville, North Carolina, Louis Graveline of Atlanta, Georgia, Alix Mikesell of Bloomington, Indiana, and Valentin Yotkov of Brooklyn, New York.

Supplier News

NEW BENEFIT: A.M. Schaler, Inc., 9 Industrial Rd., Cranston, Rhode Island 02920, 401/943-2810, Fax: 401/946-2810. This high-quality precious and non-precious metal-casting company offers 15% off all labor and materials (excluding metal cost). They pride themselves on getting jobs out on time.

Dick Arling of Arling Studio is now semiretired and no longer a discounter for SAS. Thanks for your years of great photography services, Dick. Standing ready to meet all your photography needs are David L. Smith and Dean Powell (see below).

NEW BENEFIT: Cutlery Specialties, 22 Morris Ln., Great Neck, New York 11024, 516/829-5899, Fax: 516/773-8076. Cutlery Specialties is the U.S. agent for Renaissance wax/polish, Pre-Lim metal-surface cleaner, Vulpex soap, Renaissance metal decorroder, Groomstick archival small- surface cleaner, and other restoration, conservation, and preservation products. They offer 15% offtheir entire line. If you haven't received their brochure by now, give them a call.

NEW BENEFIT: David L. Smith Photography, 420 Gold Way, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213, 412/687-7500. David offers a discount on his studio rates, and will accept work that is shipped in. The studio will return it or forward it to an exhibition. Price list available.

NEW BENEFIT: Dean Powell Photography, 217 California St., Newton, Massachusetts 02158, 617/969-6813, Fax: 617/969-7381. Dean offers members 20% off his studio rates, and will acceptwork that is shipped in. The studio will return it or forward it to an exhibition. Brochure available.

NEW BENEFIT: MRB Jewelers Supply Corp, 2404 Fifth St., Fort Lee, New Jersey 07024, 201/461-6472, Fax: 201/461-2942. MRB, which took over the services of Oneida Steel Stamp, offers 15% offall steel stamps, including custom-name and logo stamps. Quality stamps (STERLING, 925, 14K, etc.) are in stock for immediate delivery. Brochure available.

NEW BENEFIT: OneStar Long Distance, Inc., 200 Foxboro Blvd., Suite 100, Foxboro, Massachusetts 02035, 800/950-4357, 508/698-2700, Fax: 508/698-2688. OneStar just came on board as our provider for discount long distance service. They offer outstanding special flat rate association pricing on long-distance and 1-800 numbers at 25-60% less than AT&T, Sprint, and MCI. Low international rates, six-second billing, no minimums or surcharges, 24-hour customer service, and comprehensive billing. When is the last time you scrutinized your bill to find out exactly what you're paying per minute? To discover just how great these rates are, contact Cynthia Danella-Ricci, our communications consultant at OneStar.

Health Insurance Survey

In an effort to provide the membership of SAS with one of the best health insurance programs at the best available rates, A.W. & Bucci Associates, Inc., is conducting a survey to determine the feasibility of offering a variety of health insurance programs through Blue Cross & Blue Shield. Association programs have the potential of offering even lower rates than the Blue Cross & Blue Shield premiums you may be paying now. If you are an SAS member, please fill out the enclosed post card and return it to the Society by June 14, 1997.

National Ornamental Metal Museum Receives Major Gift

The National Ornamental Metal Museum announces the acquisition of seven major works by silversmith John Marshall. Commissioned by the late Patrick Lannan and executed in sterling between 1976 and 1983, the collection consists of six sculptures and a massive punch bowl with ladles. The pieces were last exhibited when the Museum hosted a retrospective of Marshall's work in 1991, at which time they were on loan from the Los Angeles-based Lannan Foundation. Last April they were donated to the Museum's permanent collection. The Foundation recently decided to deaccession its two and three-dimensional works and focus on making grants.

Marshall heads the art department at the University of Washington in Seattle, where he has taught since 1970. He is a founding member of the Society of North American Goldsmiths, an Artisan member of SAS, and a member of the College of Fellows in Metal at the American Craft Council. He received a BFA degree from the Cleveland Institute of Arts and an MFA from Syracuse University.

During his distinguished career, Marshall has exhibited widely in the United States and abroad. He works primarily by commission as he enjoys dealing directly with the people who will own his work. Patrick Lannan was one of his most important patrons. The sculptures he commissioned were on a scale so large that Marshall had to employ hydraulics to manipulate the six-foot sterling silver sheets from which they there made! Glacier, the largest of the series, measures 3' x 4' x 5'.

This newly acquired collection will be showcased in Selections From the Permanent Collection, an exhibit which opened on April 27 and remains on view in all galleries through July 6, 1997. For more information, contact Judy Wallace or Lisa Loehmann at the Museum, 374 Metal Museum Dr., Memphis, Tennessee 38106, 901/774-6380, Fax: 901/774-6382.

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