(Previously known as The Metalsmith's Alloy Calculator)

It happens all the time: you suddenly receive a call from a prospective customer looking for a sterling Kiddush cup, 100 mass-produced mint juleps, or perhaps an 18K gold wedding band. They say: "I need a quote by the end of the day." Saturday! What do you do? That's right, you get your catalogs and calculator out and start figuring. It's incredibly time-consuming, isn't it?

I'm Jeff Herman, the silversmith who developed the most valuable tool in your office: The Metalsmith's Calculator™. I've designed this powerful Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for ease of use, giving you a print-out that's organized with all the information on one page, even notes. And, you'll be e-mailed any enhancements to the calculator up to one year from the purchase date! Best of all it's fun to use and affordably priced at only $19.95.

FREE with your Society of American Silversmiths membership!

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