Precious Metals Test


1. What's the melting temperature of sterling? (Jeffrey Herman)
1,450°F, 1,640°F, 1,760°F, 1,820°F

2. What's the ideal annealing temperature of sterling? (Jeffrey Herman)
900°F, 1,000°F, 1,100°F, 1,250°F

3. How much does a cubic foot of fine silver weigh? (Jeffrey Herman)
656 lbs., 784 lbs., 859 lbs., 986 lbs.

4. What's heavier?
Steel, fine silver, lead, 24k gold, platinum (Jeffrey Herman)

5. What percentage of copper is in coin silver? (Jeffrey Herman)
5%, 10%, 15%, 20%

6. How far can one troy ounce of 24k gold wire be stretched? (Jeffrey Herman)
1/4 mile, 2 miles, 7 miles, 23 miles, 50 miles

7. How many square feet can one troy ounce of 24k gold be hammered? (Jeffrey Herman)
15 sq. ft., 28 sq. ft., 100 sq. ft., 122 sq. ft.

8. How many troy ozs. equals one troy pound? (Jeffrey Herman)
12 troy ozs., 14 troy ozs., 16 troy ozs., 20 troy ozs.

9. How many grams equals one troy ounce? (Jeffrey Herman)
12 grams, 20 grams, 27 grams, 31 grams

10. When did sterling become the standard in the United States? (Jeffrey Herman)
1763, 1856, 1868, 1898

11. What was the highest closing spot price per troy ounce of fine silver? (Andy Eid-Reiner)
$50.35, $54.26, $58.23, $62.87

12. What's the highest price paid for a piece of silver (a Hanover Chandelier)? (Andy Eid-Reiner)
$1,998,480, $3,386,440, $4,134,875, $5,255,460

13. What percentage of silver is found in nickel-silver? (Jeffrey Herman)
2%, 5%, 8%, 9%

14. What is the chemical symbol for silver? (Cynthia Eid)
Ag, Au, Si, Sl

15. What country was the leading producer of silver mined in 1995? (Jeffrey Herman)
Russia, Mexico, Peru, United States

16. What was the world total silver mined in 1995? (Jeffrey Herman)
197.23 million ozs., 468.84 million ozs., 766.08 million ozs., 822.23 million ozs.

17. Sterling is made of silver and copper. What property does the addition of copper give? (Cynthia Eid)
malleability, hardening, lower tensil strength, higher brazing temperature

18. Which has a higher melting temperature? (Cynthia Eid)
platinum, 24k gold, sterling, fine silver?

19. What year did the English hallmark come into use? (Cynthia Eid)
1200, 1250, 1300, 1350

20. What year was Sheffield plate invented? (Cynthia Eid)
1623, 1742, 1771, 1894

21. The four primary English hallmarks: standard mark, maker's mark, date letter, and? (Jeffrey Herman)
town mark, assay inspector, assay office, Goldsmiths' Company

22. Britannia Silver contains what percentage of fine silver? (Jeffrey Herman)
.910%, .9357%, .940%, .9584%

23. What company was known for its Martelé silver line? (Jeffrey Herman)
Tiffany, Gorham, Whiting, Sheibler

24. Gorham's largest commission consisting of 606 pieces of flatware and 132 pieces of holloware was created for? (Jeffrey Herman)
Andrew Carnegie, John Mackay, Henry Furber, Lillian Russell

25. Paul de Lamerie, England's most highly accalimed silversmith of the 18th century, was born in what country? (Jeffrey Herman)
France, Holland, Switzerland, England

26. Arthur J. Stone, America's most famous Arts & Crafts silversmith, was born in what country? (Jeffrey Herman)
England, United States, Scotland, Ireland

27. Where is America's the last true seven-year silversmithing apprenticeship program? (Jeffrey Herman)
Old Sturbridge Village, Historic Deerfield, Colonial Williamsburg, there are no apprenticeships

28. What did Gorham pay its highest paid workers—the silversmiths and chasers, per year between 1870 and 1910? (Jeffrey Herman)
$980-$1,100, $1,200-$1,500, $2,600-$3,400, $5,000-$5,800

29. What country is the world's most voracious consumer of silver? (hint: they even use fine silver foil on little diamond shaped squares of pastry for religious holidays) (Mitch Wilkins)
Mexico, Russia, India, USA

30. The US treasury has 147,000,000 ozs. of gold in Ft. Knox, what is the book value per oz? (Chip DeMatteo)
$42.22, $98.63, $134.81, $213.12


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