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SilverWorksV (Sold Out!)

Penny Hough (Rare Book Dealer): Thanks for yesterday; it was a very stimulating gathering. I enjoyed watching Munya's wire-weavers and regret not trying it myself; Bill's technical demo gave me some ideas; and Paulette Myers, the woman who accepted for Heikki Seppä, spoke nicely of his accomplishments and was in herself an exemplar of his students.

Terrie Masters (Metalsmith): I had the most wonderful time there, many thanks to you. I so much appreciate your friendly hospitality, and was fascinated by many of the extraordinary people I had the pleasure of meeting. I was able to pay a bit more and ride first class to Chicago, Paulette was in coach. We got together after arrival and rode an electric cart to another terminal. When we got there, Paulette mentioned she was hungry, I gave her the sandwich I had taken from your refrigerator. She was very happy.

SilverWorksIV (Sold Out!)

Kevin Kopan (Metalsmith): It was good to see you again. We enjoyed Silverworks and had a wonderful time with everyone. Very educational.

SilverWorksIII (Sold Out!)

Duncan Cox (Antique Silver Dealer): I've got to tell you...I really enjoyed the workshop. It was a very pleasant experience. The people could not have been nicer and the information I got was far beyond my expectations. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Paula Wolf (Metalsmith): Just a quite note to thank you once again for the wonderful gathering of smiths. It's very kind of you to open up your house to these folks who have smithing in common. Having the file man there [Jeff Jacques from Providence File Co.] was a nice touch and it looked like it was worth his time to come. I'm sure everyone had a great time and I wish I could have stayed longer.

Jill Kenik (Model Maker): I just wanted to again thank you for all the effort you put into Saturday's Silverworks. It was a very educational day--the demo was very good. The opportunity to speak with other silversmiths was wonderful.

SilverWorksII (Sold Out!)

Debra Paolo (Metalsmith): Again, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Silverworks II. The demonstrations were excellent. I can't wait to begin to play with some of these techniques. I particularly enjoyed seeing your study (per Anne Hollerbach's instructions, I was very careful to keep the drool off the tools!).

Ned Foulkrod (Silver Restorer): Count me in again, Jeff. I look forward to seeing everyone and hanging out at your beautiful homestead. Sounds like some good presentations and hopefullky Valentin will show up with photos of the new baby.

Diane Quirk (Silversmith): The whole day was great. The workshop presenters all did such a nice job - good information, new ideas and lots of fun. I always enjoy meeting new people and establishing new relationships. Sharing information can be so valuable.

Of course, your workshop is impressive. With the quality of work you turn out , however, that is to be expected!

Colene Abramson (Metalsmith): What a wonderful, full day! The Society of American Silversmiths' "Silverworks" hosted by Jeffrey Herman in his fantastic studio in Chepachet, Rhode Island yesterday (June 3) was full of great learning opportunities, terrific cameraderie and conversation, and we were well fed, to boot. Chepachet is a small town in a beautiful area of New England. Jeffrey's studio is truly outstanding and beautiful to anyone interested in working metal--an amazingling well-thought-out and equipped space. You've seen some views of it he put up on the list back when he had just moved in and set up. It is even more amazing than I imagined--and his attention to health and safety concerns and to work flow is an example to anyone setting up a studio.

I can't tell you of just one high point--there were many, and I'm not covering them all here. Valentin Yotkov (chasing and repousse) is such a good teacher, anyone interested in chasing should take a course from him, Cynthia Eid, who showed us Charles Lewton-Brain's basic fold-forming techniques, is a fine teacher in the Boston area and a nationally exhibited silversmith. And Rob Butler, who made raising a vessel in silver look both easy and fun, uses his fine training by a British master to raise exquisite vessels. The finished work exhibited by these three was exquisite. Jeffrey took some time to share with us some of his knowledge of silver care, discussing materials to use and polishing a few pieces while he did so.

It was so good that I urge anyone who is interested in metals techniques to visit the SAS site and learn more about the rest of the day's events, to which I'm not doing justice here. Watch for SilverWorks next year and do not miss it.

Ann Larson-Hollerback (Metalsmith): I just wanted to thank you for hosting a fabulous event yesterday. It was clearly enjoyed by everyone present -- lots of delicious technical information and stimulating conversation where we can use all those beloved verbs and nouns [more on that in a moment] which we normally have to either edit or translate when dealing with the rest of the world. I was pleased to see some familiar faces -- haven't run into Pauline Warg for way too long -- and to meet new folks, especially Hal, Wendy Yothers, and Rob Butler. The pacing of the day's events was very appropriate, and the quality of the presentations was excellent.

I learned so much from watching Rob -- not only about they way I raise presently [i.e. I now understand much better why I do a particular thing at a particular point in the process -- aha!] but also new strategies that will really make my work move forward more quickly and confidently. I found it fascinating that my teacher in the north woods of Michigan should have taught me a process so similar to the one that Rob learned in London, although there are some critical and interesting differences. I liked the fact that Rob stressed utility over some kind of textbook procedure, that you do what works and accomplishes your ends and don't think in terms of correct or incorrect as much as in terms of useful, durable, and effective. I have always chafed at instructors or craftspersons who claim there is Only One Way to do a particular thing because, unless it is an issue of safety or physics [including chemistry], I just don't believe that is true. And to teach that way is to hobble your students, make them brittle and vulnerable to their own mistakes.

Even though I have known Cindy's work for some time and taken a workshop with her, I still learned nifty new things. Each time I see her collection of goodies she has something new, and it stimulates my imagination in very satisfying ways. Thanks for asking her to bring this approach to more people, because it has such expressive potential and is so beautifully suited to objects on the scale that silversmiths routinely make -- more suited, in many ways, to the larger pieces than to jewelry. And it's always fun to discover another way to make a complex thing that is so light and so strong -- critical to those of use who love optimal functionality and endurance in the things we make. I also appreciated watching you polish silver. This is a thing I have never learned, and have had little experience with -- certainly no correct information. I read your booklet when it came in my packet of SAS stuff, but it is really worthwhile to see the products in action, and the results on actual pieces.

I never tire of watching Valentin work, and I have seen his long and short demonstrations many times. The only words are "awe" and "delight."

Leo Collas (Antique Silver Dealer): We had a wonderful time at the SilverWorks II event and want to thank you for your kind hospitality. It was great to meet with so many people who share this enthusiasm for silver. I'm already looking forward to next year's SilverWorks III.

Pauline Warg (SAS Artisan): The event on Saturday was most enjoyable. Thanks so much for the wonderful hospitality. I had a wonder time. You have a warm and comfortable home. Looking forward to next year !!!

SilverWorksI (Sold Out!)

Cynthia Eid (SAS Artisan): I had such a good time I can hardly stand it.

Valentin Yotkov (SAS Artisan): Thank you so much for having all of us in your wonderful new home, for showing us your studios and entertaining us for the entire day! This was one unforgettable day for me, filled with excitement. I met wonderful new people and made friends. The food was great and I loved the dog in spite the fact that she didn't like me. Thank you Jeff for devoting so much of your time to this society, to OUR Society.

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