Society of American Silversmiths
Silversmithing Workshop View #11


This is where I do the buffing. The dryer hose behind the buff is connected to a goose neck flexible pipe so it can be positioned anywhere in the booth. The Astroturf on the floor of the booth is used to catch fiber debris from constantly circulating, plus it acts as a cushion should something fall out of my hands. It's easily vacuumed with the dryer hose. The buffs are all kept above and away from becoming contaminated. Out of view to the right is an additional flexible shaft which is used on objects that have tough-to-reach areas. The lathe with ducting is to the left of the buffing unit. The dust collector is located behind the wall and is closest to the big buffing machine for the best possible suction. I also use a respirator when buffing as an extra precaution.

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