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Sample Contract

This agreement is made on (Date) by and between the Society of American Silversmiths (SAS) and the (Exhibitor) located at (Address). This agreement states that the Exhibitor will show this traveling exhibition entitled: (Exhibition Title), from (Show Dates).

1. Rental Fee

The Exhibitor agrees to pay a rental fee of (Fee), payable no later than 30 days prior to the opening of the exhibition in (City).

2. Insurance

The object lender agrees to provide one-way insurance during transit to the initial venue on the object's wholesale exhibition value (if the object is for sale) or its retail exhibition value (if the object is on loan from a collector). The Exhibitor agrees to provide on-site insurance and during transit to the subsequent venue or on return to the lender on the object's wholesale exhibition value (if the object is for sale) or its retail exhibition value (if the object is on loan from a collector or sold for retail during the display period). The Exhibitor agrees to provide fire precautions according to local fire department regulations.

3. Damages & Conservation

Should damage to a lender's object occur during transit, the Exhibitor agrees to notify the carrier and SAS, to take documentary photographs, and to save all packing material for possible insurance claim and/or conservation use. Should damage to a lender's object occur while on premises of the Exhibitor, the Exhibitor is financially responsible for the conservation or replacement cost as substantiated on the object's loan form. Damages to exhibition objects shall be reported to SAS immediately when first noticed, regardless of whether they occurred in transit or on the Exhibitor's premises, and regardless of who may be responsible. However, any object included in the exhibition is subject to removal by the Exhibitor at any time for conservation and similar unforeseen circumstances upon notification to SAS.

4. Support Materials Supplied by SAS

SAS agrees to provide the Exhibitor with a book containing individualized condition forms and comprehensive valuation list, a book containing the resumés of participating artists, pressure-sensitive labels for object plaques, address list of participating Artisans, Artisan shipping labels (supplied to the final or sole exhibition venue), silver care products and cleaning instructions, and retail price lists for interested collectors. The final venue agrees to return the above books to SAS with condition forms completed in full at the close of that venue's exhibition.

5. Publicity

SAS will provide publicity material for the Exhibitor including a sample press release with slides and photographs of selected objects appearing in the exhibition. SAS will also send press releases to national magazines and newspapers with slides and photographs made available. The Exhibitor agrees to provide SAS with installation slides, copies of all publicity materials, including press releases and clippings, announcements, etc.

6. Show Modification

The Exhibitor agrees to notify SAS at least 10 days in advance of the opening of the exhibition should the Exhibitor find it necessary, for any reason, to modify the contents of the exhibition during its showing unless granted prior permission by SAS. It is understood that any loaned object that may have been damaged during transit or at a venue may not be available for all venues of a tour. This information will be clearly indicated to the Exhibitor no less than 3 months in advance of their booking period.

7. Handling & Shipping

The lender will pay for one-way shipping to the initial venue. The Exhibitor agrees to use only those personnel experienced in fine arts handling to unload, unpack, handle, repack, and reload the exhibition under professional supervision. The Exhibitor agrees to coordinate the shipping of the exhibition to the next venue, purchaser, Artisan, or lender, making the appropriate notation on the corresponding condition sheet. The Exhibitor agrees to coordinate dispatching the exhibition promptly after its close. If this is not done, the Exhibitor agrees to pay all costs resulting in delay to the next venue, if the exhibition travels to a subsequent venue. Return shipping of objects to their lenders must be no less than United Parcel Service (UPS) with GroundTrac and Signature Required labels.

8. Sale of Objects

All objects in the exhibition available for purchase will be noted in the accompanying condition book and retail price lists. Any and all sold objects must remain with the exhibition until its close. Should the Exhibitor wish, SAS will handle all sales during the exhibition. The Exhibitor will be notified by SAS to release for pickup, or shipping to the purchaser, those objects that have been sold. No commission will be paid to the Exhibitor if an object is sold during the exhibition.

9. Breach of This Agreement

If the Exhibitor cancels 120 days or more prior to the scheduled opening, 50% of the rental fee will be charged. If canceled within 120 days of the scheduled opening, 100% of the rental fee will be charged. Furthermore, if the exhibition is to travel to a subsequent venue, the Exhibitor will also be responsible for storage costs prior to shipping the exhibition to that venue.

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