Range of Argentium Silver Solders


The range of Argentium Silver Solders (listed below), have been developed for use with Argentium Silver. These solders have increased tarnish resistance, together with good colour and free-flowing properties.

Argentium Silver Solders


Silver Content

Melt Temperature

Flow Temperature


Argentium Hard 


1370°F (743°C)

1450°F (788°C)

sheet, wire 

Argentium Medium 


1149°F (621°C)

1378°F (748°C)

sheet, wire & paste

Argentium Easy 


1250°F (677°C)

1310°F (710°C)

sheet, wire & paste

Argentium Super Easy 


1105°F (596°C)

1268°F (687°C)

sheet, wire & paste

Paste Solders Available

• Torch free flow
• Torch restrictive flow
• Furnace free flow
• Furnace restrictive flow


Argentium Silver is firescale-free, therefore, it is only necessary to flux the seam to be soldered, rather than applying flux to the whole article. Our customers have recommended using the following fluxes with Argentium Silver Solders:

• MY-T-FLUX™ (supplied by Rio Grande, USA)
• Prip’s Flux
• Battern’s Flux
• Paste fluxes

Soldering Tips

    Heat/colour recognition of Argentium 930 Silver: When soldering Argentium 930 Silver, it is important to remember that the metal displays a paler colour than standard sterling silver at red-heat. To avoid overheating, it is recommended that annealing and soldering applications should be carried out in a shaded area.

Argentium 930 Silver should not be touched or quenched when it is at red-heat: this can cause the alloy to be brittle. Simply wait a few seconds for the red-heat to disappear before touching or quenching (this is easier to see in a shaded area).

Argentium Silver solders are manufactured by Stern-Leach, USA. These solders are available to purchase from our listed suppliers on our website: http://www.argentiumsilver.info

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