Argentium Sterling® Silver
Dilute Ammonium Sulphide Accelerated Tarnishing Test Procedure


Apparatus for tarnishing trials:

- Ammonium Sulphide solution - 20%
- Distilled water
- Glass beaker
- Syringe
- Container
- Stainless steel mesh
- Glass strip



Beaker containing 200ml distilled water and 0.5ml ammonium sulphide solution is placed inside the container.



The stainless steel mesh and the glass strip are placed on top of the container. The silver samples will be tested on top of the glass strip.


Accelerated Tarnishing Test Samples

Samples exposed to 200ml distilled water/0.5ml ammonium sulphide solution for 1 hour. Standard Sterling on the left, Argentium® Sterling Silver on the right.

Start of test

15 minutes exposure

30 minutes exposure

45 minutes exposure

1 hour exposure


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